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Thursday, 30 October 2014


Jorge refuels the motorbikes and puts the luggage on them Jack came out of the house with their picks and wallets "Jorge you almost forgot about our money and mining tools" Jack said and pulls out Jorge's wallet and throws it to him he catches it and says let's go now meggy the cat comes out of the house and jumps in the sidecar and puts herself in a cat cage Jorge shuts the door and locks it in then  puts rope over the cat cage to keep it in place Jorge Tells Jack to get on his bike "can we do plane mode?" Jorge asks "Sure" they press the buttons for plane mode "good afternoon Jack and Jorge ready for your flight?" Asks the computerised voice "As ready as we'll ever be" replies Jack" do you need a tutorial" asks the computerised voice "no" Jorge replies "3...2...1... Prepare for flight!"WOOOSH the planes took off into the dark sky 3 hours and 15 minuets later we arrived  and Jack had to wake Jorge up because Jorge fell asleep and almost hit an electric pole instead they hit a part of the mine and his
landing gear came off. He crashed into the mine entrance Jack flew after him his plane became stalled meg was scratching the cage he gave her some food and she calmed down he hops off the plane and press the auto fix button "it's going to take awhile so why don't we get some coffee and head out for a place to sleep because it's 20 past 9 now"said Jack."Sure Jorge replies. A couple hours later we got a coffee and a motel for 7 days Jorge wakes up and walks to the kitchen "good morning Jack" "morning and don't open the door."Why not?" he asks about to open the door. "Because you'll set off the alarm!" But it was by far to late. 'BEEEEEEEEEEP!' Jorge screams as the alarm goes off meg runs wild and jumps out the window and everything is smashed and demolished. "Dude!!!!!" Jack yells "sorry"he says "sorry wow Jorge"Jack says .Jack finds the alarm and try's to rip it out but it didn't budge. Jack tried to find something to break it but everything is broken so Jack punched over and over again Jorge screams "what are you doing!"Jacks hand was bleeding had glass in his flesh and muscle Jorge patches it up and takes the glass out of it then Jack grunts in pain straight after the manager opens the door in anger and yells at them "YOU BETTER PAY FOR ALL OF THIS OR ILL KICK YOU OUT OF MY MOTEL!!!!!!" "We're going mining tomorrow we'll bring you some gems"Jorge says "If you don't your dead and banned from here forever"he mumbled and slams the door shut then Jorge hears soft scratching at the door And opens it then meg came through. "JORGE!!!!" Jack screams "sorry" Jorge says "seriously sorry Jack said first the bike now the argh I ohh" Jack walks out and slams the door. Jorge follows
him he goes to the mine and enters Jorge follows still "Jorge go away" Jack sobs "I'm really"what sorry"Jack says over taking him "yes I'm really sorry Jack" "look lets just go mining please don't mess it up" Jack says "alright let's do it" they mine for hours with no luck but then they find a diamond and mine it  behind it was more gems gold iron copper led bronze sapphire ruby emerald garnet amethyst hematite moonstone a couple pieces of uranium and a pink diamond in the wall they found a mine cart and bring it to the spot they fill it up Jorge goes to the pink diamond and trys to pull it out "Jorge what are you doing?"Jack asks "Being a man" Jorge says "Jorge you'll destroy the mine!" He pulls it out they hear a slight cracking noise then the mine crumbles Jack grabs Jorge's hood and throws him out of the way he try's to run to Jorge but rocks.Block his path he yells for help coughing madly again "Jorge I'm so sick of you messing things up just leave me to starve to death in here and thanks for ruining my Life argh" The rocks crumble even more. Jorge is determined to save Jack he gets a mining vehicle and mine the rocks "Jorge what are you doing?" Jack asks "saving your life" "all you've done is ruin it" "you're my. Best friend so I'm not gonna leave you behind" "yeah yeah just get on with it already" He get all the rocks out of the way "Jack!!!!" Jorge screams then as he sees Jack Lying under the mine cart it fell on him. "He's waking up" says the doctor Jack opens his eyes and groans "the gems where are they" "at the hotel" Jorge replied "let's get out of here"


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