Friday, 19 September 2014

Lion story

Once upon a time in a very loud jungle a lion called Claws was walking through the jungle. With his dagger like claws and extraordinary hair. Searching for a gnu with his friend Snowy the white tiger. Everyone liked snowy because he's the last in the jungle. At last a herd of gnus  they attacked 2 came crashing to the ground. Snowy and Claws ate for hours then night came it poured with rain. A large family of bats came past Claws's head... POOOOF!! His hair turned into a Afro he woke up with a yelp the bats were tugging him sky high Snowy came charging up a tree with cuckoo the crazy monkey he was too high in the sky. Suddenly RIP! His hair tore off he fell the bats flew away screeching with anger Claws fell he yelled for help then hit his head on a palm tree. He woke up cuckoo was staring at him "is my hair alright?" He groaned "yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!" Replied cuckoo then he got whacked out of the way. Snowy walked up and said it was fine his hair was back to its former glory. Now Claws always keeps out of the rain and slaps bats that come anywhere near him.